Deep Machine: Behavior

The people prediction platform
Activity Data

People are always creating signals, from how they use an application or where they spend their money.  We analyze this activity to make timely, accurate predictions.

Cloud Hosted

You provide the data, we provide the infrastructure.  The Behavior platform is hosted in the Amazon cloud and will securely scale to your needs.

Event Prediction

Whether it is cancellations, upgrades, or something custom the platform will help you predict when the events that you care about are likely to happen. 

In Your Datacenter

Concerned about data leaving your datacenter?  Don't worry, the Behavior platform can be run in your secure environment.

Need something custom tailored?  
We can help with that too.

Custom Solutions

We work with you to create your custom prediction engine

Whether you have a blank piece of paper in front of you or a model that needs fine tuning, we can help.


When will members cancel your services?  Who is likely to upgrade?  Is this employee a flight risk?  Will this family buy a house?  These are the types of questions we can help you solve.


Our team has worked in industries as varied as finance, sports, consumer technology, healthcare, the military.  We would love to learn about yours.      

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Data Collection

Whether you've already invested in data collection or are just getting started we will make sure that you are collecting actionable data. We can help with infrastructure and ensure that your data is ready for analysis.

Signal Project

Machine learning isn't a panacea. We recommend starting with a low risk validation that the data you have can answer the questions you are asking. A signal project is low friction and inexpensive checkpoint to guide future investment.

Model Building

This is the hard work of number crunching and algorithm training. We will work with your subject matter experts and leverage our experience to make sure we are leveraging every bit of information out of your data.

In Production

We can help integrate machine learning models into your production environments. This ensures that you have the latest predictions, using your freshest data, at all times.